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i-sotec i-soamp 4 Plug and Play 240 Watt amplifier NEW

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only 239,00 EUR

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Product No.: i-soamp-4
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i-sotec i-soamp 4 Plug and Play 240 Watt amplifier NEW

i-sotec i-soamp 4 Plug & Play 240 Watt amplifier - output stage NEW

The Plug & Play upgrade-solution for your Standard-Audio-System!

Easy way of sound tuning!

Specific apposite plug & play 240 Watt 4/3 Canal amplifier / output stage New! Compatible with more than 1.500 vehicle-models with standard ISO connector. Best alternative to the different Sound Systems!

Specific apposite for your series-system

Without to lay a cable or without replug, without soldering, without drilling, without sawing or anything! PLUG AND PLAY! Only connect between the other plugs! Also we sell the specific apposite Subwoofer and Speakers for your vehicle model!

Plug & Play solution for your vehicle! Take all the power out from your speaker-series and radio-series!

Ideal for Cabrios and Roadsters, if the volume from the radio are not enough from wind noises during the top is opened

Also fits together perfectly with your Oldtimer and Youngtimer or optimal for your Leasing vehicle because you change nothing on the car, it's 100% to arm back!

100% more Music quality in few minutes! Only to plug then ready!

i-sotec i-soamp 4
Amplifier: 3-/4- Canal Plug & Play
Manufacturer: i-sotec
Model Typ: i-soamp 4
Size L x B x H: 160 x 43 x 136 mm
Cabel lengh: 2m
4-Canal-Modus: 4 x 60 W
3-Canal-Modus: 2 x 60 W + 100 W
4 Ohm
Inclusive specific apposite ISO cable harness 2m, owners manual, installation guide

Not useable with other Sound Systems like Bose,
VW Sound, Dynaudio, infinity Sound, Cabassa or other Sound Systems!

36 month warranty!

Please tell us during your purchase essential your vehicle data like manufacturer, model, car radio model and manufacturing month with year. With this data we send you your specific apposite plug-in for your vehicle.

i-sotec i-soamp 4 Plug & Play 240 Watt amplifier - output stage NEW

Amplifier power supply direct over the car radio.

protective circuit for over temperature (>80° C) and undervoltage (<10 V)

4-Canal Stereo:
4x 60 Watt Music on 4 Ohm

3-Canal Stereo+Mono:
Frontspeaker + Subwoofer-mode
2x 60 Watt + 100 Watt on 4 Ohm
Hi-Lo-fix: 80 Hz
Rear speakers controlled over the car radio

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