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Mercedes Spezial MF2297 MP3 jack plug AUX-IN CD-R Modification

instead 249,98 EUR
only 159,00 EUR

(incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs)
(shipping weight per piece: 2.5 kg)
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Product No.: MF2297-MP3-Modi
Shipping time:Ready for despatch, shipping time 1-3 days Ready for despatch, shipping time 1-3 days
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Mercedes Spezial MF2297 MP3 jack plug AUX-IN CD-R Modification
Mercedes Spezial MF2297 MP3 jack plug AUX-IN CD-R Modification

Mercedes Spezial CD MF2297 Special MP3 3.5 jack plug AUX-IN and CD-R Modification

Your Car Radio will become a 3.5 jack plug (AUX-IN input) modification, that you allow to connect portable player like Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 Player, Notebook, Tab, Smartphone, mini-disc, portable TV-Video and more over the AUX-IN. Provided an Audio- output on your portable device to connect with 3.5 jack plug or Cinch (Cinch separately available). Kabel length: 1.5m

Also you become with the 3.5 jack plug AUX-IN input modification is the CD-R modification that allow you to play burned/copied CDs. Your Radio will read all burned CDs, it can be burned fast, slow, with different burning software and burning rom. You can burn it like all burned CDs with your personal computer (pc). Normally costs this CD-R modification 99.98 € but in this offer you become it with the MP3 jack plug modification for free!

Modification for this Car Radio:
Mercedes Special MF 2297
Manufacturer: Alpine
Model type: Spezial  MF2297
Mercedes original part number:
A 170 820 00 86 (A1708200086, 1708200086)

You buy this modification for your Car Radio from us. Pay the full price + shipping costs and after we have get the money and your Car Radio, we modificate your Spezial MF2297 with 3.5 jack plug for MP3 and CD-R. Please write to the package: "Modification" for a faster process!

The shipping costs that you must pay, are the insured shipping costs to send you the radio back.

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