Becker Automotive Systems
Mercedes C140 CL-Class Becker Automotive Car Radios/Navigation Systems

Here you can find our Becker Car Radio/Navigation systems with CD, MP3, WMA, Cassette (CC/MC) or other functions. Perfectly compatible with Mercedes Benz CL-Class C 140

All Becker Car Radios/Navigation Systems like Traffic Pro, Online, DTM, Indianapolis, Mexico, Grand Prix, Cascade, Traffic Star, Monza, Europa, Avus, Solitude and more available! Also available as High Speed or Pro!

series C140 produced year 1992-1998
SEC (1992-1993),
S-Class Coupé (1993-1996),
CL-Class (1996-1998)
Facelift-MOPF after 06/1996 since CL-Class
500, 600, SEC, V8, V12, Coupe, S 600, S 420

Becker Automotive Systems
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