Mercedes Benz SL-Class

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series W198, W198 2 (W198 II) produced year 1954-1963
Roadster (W 198 II), Coupe (W 198)
300 SL, Flügeltürer-Coupe, Roadster

series R107, C107 (SLC) produced year 1971-1989
Roadster (R107), Coupe SLC (C 107)
280SL-500SL/SLC, R6, V8

series R129, AMG produced year 1989-2001
1. Facelift-MOPF between 1995-1998
2. Facelift-MOPF between 1998-2001
SL280-SL600, R6, V6, V8, V12, SL 55 AMG-SL 73 AMG, SL Edition, Final Edition, Mille Miglia, Special Edition, SilverArrow Edition USA, Roadster Edition

series R230, AMG produced year 10/2001–11/2011
1. Facelift-MOPF between turn of the year 2005/2006
2. Facelift-MOPF in the spring of 2008

series R231, AMG after 03/2012
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